ITTF official ping pong table size

ping pong table sizeThere are some many questions and arguments about the right and standard ping pong table size. While there may be different variables, there is an official size for a table tennis size.

Although most table tennis brands maintain this standard in their design, but you are free to adjust the size to suit you especially if you are making a DIY table. However, most brand comes with an adjustable leg which means you can increase or decrease the height beyond the standard to suit you.

But of course table tennis is one of the official game in the Olympics as well as other tournaments, so if you are a professional ping pong player, we recommend practicing and training with the official ITTF ping pong table size.

So what is the official table tennis size?

The ITTF has stated that the official ping pong table must be rectangular with four supporting legs just as in a table. It should measure 2.74m X 1.525m X 76cm (Length, Breadth, Height).

This should be around 108 inches by 60 inches and are called tournament tables in the US. But for the purpose of recreation, you can always get smaller tables. The smaller tables are often called mini ping pong table and measures around 84 inches by 42 inches or smaller.

What is the official material for a ping pong table?

There is basically no suggestion or recommended material for a ping pong table. But according to ITTF, a material should be able to provide a good ball bounce. Typically, the ball should reach a height of 23cm when dropped freely from a height of 30cm.

The table top design

According to ITTF, the table must be painted with a dark color and a 2cm white line running across the 4 sides of the table edge. The table would have a 15.25cm high net running across the breath, dividing the table into 2 equal halves. Another additional line, 3 mm wide, is drawn perpendicular to the net which runs from one end of the table length to the other diving it into 2 equal halves.

How much space do you need for a table tennis table?

You can play tennis game in a limited space depending on the size of your table. However, for international games such as Olympics, an area of space measuring 4m by 7m (46feet by 23Feet) is required.

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